Who Cares What FMs Do?

I’m sure there are times most facility managers feel that way. When your budget has been cut again. When you’re the last one to find out about a change in the way the facility will be used. When the umpteenth ludicrous complaint hits your inbox or voicemail. 

Well, the fact is there are tens of thousands of people who care about what you do. That’s because they do the same thing. And tapping into the interest and energy of other facility managers can be a great way to recharge your own batteries.

Not surprisingly, facility managers want to know how other facility managers have been successful. Consider the FMXcellence honorees whose projects are profiled in this month’s cover story. At NFMT Baltimore, the FMXcellence session drew hundreds of facility managers to hear the honorees describe some pretty amazing projects. (Quick plug: Click here to apply for FMXcellence honors.)

Validation from peers is a powerful motivator. They know what you’re up against. They not only feel your pain, they can share your satisfaction in accomplishments.

At a show like NFMT, validation extends beyond the winners of awards or speakers at the podium. Everyone attending an industry event — whether it’s a national conference like NFMT or the lunch meeting of a local chapter of a professional organization — has the opportunity to brag a little bit about their own successes and to hear about the contributions that facility managers are making in other organizations. And of course facility managers can connect without leaving their desks, via MyFacilitiesnet.com or Building Operating Management pages on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Validation may seem like kind of a squishy notion, but  the benefits of interacting with your peers are real and extend beyond the practical information you pick up. It’s human nature to do better work when you realize how much the work matters, and one good way to understand the value of facility management is to stay in contact with other facility managers.