FMXcellence Recognition Pays Off Three Ways, Winners Say

Every year at NFMT Baltimore, the new FMXcellence honorees and Building Operating Management editors get together on the night before the opening session. This year, the conversation turned to the benefits of FMXcellence recognition. Of the three reasons that came up, two might come as a surprise to facility managers.

The reason that isn’t a surprise is recognition. At its core, FMXcellence honors facility departments that have added significant value to their organizations. For the facility team, it makes sense that recognition from within the industry would be meaningful.

What might be less obvious is the benefit that facility managers get beyond the facility department. The second advantage of industry recognition is that it helps to validate a facility management project in the eyes of top management. Many senior executives think of the facility department as basically a cost center. Even if they understand that facility management can add value, they probably don’t have the knowledge to benchmark an internal effort against initiatives in other companies. Independent validation flags a program as a best practice.

The third benefit is perhaps the most surprising. In some organizations, national recognition can make it easier to justify future projects. Why? It adds to the facility manager’s credibility. For a variety of reasons, facility managers often don’t get the respect they deserve, and an outside endorsement is an objective stamp of approval —  one more reason that, when the facility manager talks, senior executives should listen.  

Check out this year’s honorees in the cover story of the August issue. If you have a project or program that you think is worthy of national recognition, click here to get more information about the FMXcellence program.