Changing Of The Guard

When things change, the lion’s share of the attention goes to what’s new. Think of the shift to new office designs, to outpatient facilities, to megawarehouses. But what stays the same — occupant comfort, energy efficiency, support for the organization’s mission — remains essential. 

Both aspects are evident when veteran personnel retire, as many facility managers know well. New staff bring fresh ideas and broader experience that can keep an organization ahead of the curve. But it’s crucial to maintain the qualities that brought success in the first place.

The issue of change is in particularly clear focus for me right now. There's a new name on the magazine's masthead — Renee Bassett, our new vice president of content development. Renee comes to Trade Press Media Group with a broad-based background in media. (Trade Press Media Group publishes Building Operating Management.) She has worked for some of the leading media companies in the nation, and has deep experience, not only with print, but with a wide range of electronic formats, from online newsletters to mobile apps to websites. Her expertise will be invaluable in helping us grow.

Renee comes aboard with the retirement of the man who hired me, Dick Yake. Some of you will remember his face and voice on this editorial page. He led us through the transition from a one-time “editorial department” geared to produce printed pages into a content development department responsible for an array of media platforms. Along the way, he mentored several generations of editors, including me, not only in journalism, but also the ins and outs — the culture — of the organization.

It was our culture that Dick paid close attention to on his last major project — helping to hire the new vice president of content development, and then spending time with her to ensure a good transition. He wanted to make sure that his successor would understand what made us successful. And he did.

Welcome aboard, Renee. Dick, thanks for everything.