Dynamic Benchmarking Provides New Industry Insights

Have you ever wondered how your company's performance on specific costs, programs, etc., compares to others in your industry?  Do you even know what the industry standard or average cost is for routine facilities management, energy, etc.?

The Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM) has implemented a dynamic benchmarking system to provide retailers and suppliers a one-stop solution for data collection, interactive peer comparisons and personalized reporting. The new tool sets the mark for retail facilities management.   

Dynamic Benchmarking™ (DB) simplifies the benchmarking process. It provides a configurable, flexible, web-based platform that can be used to assess a wide range of benchmarking topics.  Data for common costs, projects, etc. can be entered into the system. When a question has been answered by 10 different individuals/companies, the aggregate data becomes visible to every participant making it easy to do comparisons.

A great tool to justify the cost of existing programs/projects or to support the roll out of new projects/programs. To learn more click here.

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