How Does Your Garden Grow?

At the trade shows this year, I saw a lot of LED luminaries tuned for maximum plant growth. You can tell a lot about me that I was delighted that indoor farming is taking off to such a degree, but I wondered just how much lettuce is really needed in this world. Later — much later — it hit me. OH! An entirely different leafy green crop was likely behind the explosive growth in these lights.

Still, it made me wonder if any of you are trying your hand at indoor farming at your locations. With vertical planters, LED lighting, and aquaponics it is entirely possible to turn an unused nook into a verdant feature.

But it’s not exactly easy. At O’Hare Airport, for example, there’s a cool garden which was installed on the upper level of the Rotunda Building near Concourse G. The garden was installed in 2011, growing mostly herbs for the airports restaurants. I first came across the garden a few years back, and it was a tidy little spot, with happy bunches of lettuces and basil, though certainly no cornucopia.

I was through the area this past May and the garden had hit a rough patch. I watched a technician tinker with some of the water lines while I ate my late breakfast. Most of the towers were bereft of produce. I hope the garden bounces back though. It’s a neat hidden corner of the airport.

With biophilia one of the hot buzzwords in the industry right now, indoor plants are all the rage. I’m just curious about how successful you’re being at getting your indoor garden to grow.


  • Indoor gardening adds that extra little spark to any room! But we need to be extra careful with it. Few important tips are:

    - Light is the one thing you cannot skimp on. Each and every plant have different requirements, so read well.

    - Indoor gardening tips on watering your plants are always needed. It should be neither less nor more.

    - Another indoor gardening tip is to fertilize. The secret to keep happy, lush plants is to feed them on a regular basis.

    - You want to keep a close eye on each plant for any pests. If you find pests, treat it immediately. Consult pest control companies if the pest infestation becomes out of control.

    Take time to enjoy your indoor garden. Let it relax and soothe you! Happy Gardening!

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