Umbrella Hotels and Other Amenities

One of the benefits of having kids old enough to talk but young enough to not be jaded is that my news-of-the-weird feed is pretty amazing. The other day, my son came home with an amazing and unbelievable factoid (according to him.) In Japan, they have "umbrella hotels" in the lobbies of big buildings!


A quick search online confirmed that indeed, in Japan, it is a practice in commercial real estate to provide a locking stand for umbrellas. The stands have rows of locking cuffs so you can safely stow your umbrella without having it drip all over the place. Once you're ready to go back to the rain, you unlock your umbrella with the provided key and off you go. 


This has me thinking about amenities facility managers can provide for their populations. Of course providing concierge services or a guest lecture series are fantastic amenities and will go a long way to making the workplace desirable to future and current employees.


But what are the easy things you could be doing? What are the little pain points you could be smoothing? One facility manager replaced the flowers at reception with a beautiful bowl of beautiful apples, for example. She also suggests everyone make sure their in-office coffee service is on point.


If you have any proven winners in the finishing touch department, let me know in the comments below.

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