How Well Do You Know Roofs?

This time of year, I find myself stressing out about my roof a lot. Will it survive another winter? I have the original tile roof on my 1919 bungalow and experts tell me that it's the "Cadillac" of roofs and is going to be fine for a good while yet. But still, I stress. I know the roof is the building's first line of defense and its proper upkeep is paramount to the well-being of the structure. I can only imagine you too stress about the well-being of your facility's roof. So much to know! Some much to catch early and repair well!

Karen Warseck is one of Building Operating Management's top experts when it comes to roofs. She is a registered architect and president of Building Diagnostics Associates, and has written for the magazine on many occasions on the topic of roofs. One of her most recent articles is one of my favorites. It's a quiz, and the Q&A format makes for a quick and lively read. Plus, unlike quizes in Cosmo, it provides useful information.

In the article, Karen addresses 13 real questions/scenarios she's received from facility managers over the years in regards to their roofs. For example, here's the first one:

"1. I noticed after my new roof was installed that there were a lot of wrinkles in the membrane. The contractor told me there was no need to be concerned as they were sealed and wouldn’t leak."

What would you say to that individual? Check out the article at this link to find out Karen's answer. Let me know how many you get right!


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