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South African banks in crises to achieve their goals

South African Financial banks have crises of maintaining  their operational processes for turn around strategies that could keep projected objectives into realty.

  • This has indicated by a large financial closing some of their branches.
  • This is an opportunity for new banks to penetrate or increase its market share in some of areas where financial services are highly needed.
  • It is still a challenge for major banks to close some of its branches but there might be a metrics or six sigma method that has lead them to a new strategy in order to retain lost market share at affordable operations.
  • It might be minimizing cost on expense of their clients and it can encourages other clients to withdraw their business with them. This is a big challenge for major banks due to their customer operational charges. New technology at reasonable operating cost should be aligned with business strategy to obtain or penetrate market easily.
  • Facilities Managers have an opportunity at strategic level together with marketing,Finance and human resources by drafting an affordable operating cost for their clients.It should be well communicated in a promotional way to reach market.

This are the thoughts only need to be looked at

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