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Leading Facility Teams

It's a man's world they say....to multi task and lead teams in these challenging times, is quite unique. The culture is changing in that teams no longer want to be managed, but lead. I love this change, but it does not come without challenges.

My biggest challenge I find with teams is the collective mindset, of " I am a servant" and not "I am a service provider". How does one move teams from point A to point B, and what innovative ways can you take the cleaner, tea lady, painter, driver move forward to the next level. How do you get them to understand that the company does not tick like clockwork if they are not present.

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  • Hi Celeste — You make some really interesting points. Could you dig into the difference between "servant" and "service provider" a little more? I assume one difference is passive role versus active role. But I'd love to hear more of your thoughts on the difference in the mindset there.
  • Hi Celeste, In the US Department of State we are One Team and promote Teamwork across the board. In our FAC section we delegate to the lowest level and this means all a service providers. We empower and give ownership to all levels. We are a complete team of service providers. Our Embassies and Consulates can not run with out us. Empower Recognize and give recognition for good/great service at all levels. Reward as much as possible. Challenge teams for competition. Conduct evaluations and produce work development plans for all staff.
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