I have an infestation of termites at a location in New York state. We installed a baiting system and perform treatments regularly but they are continuing to swarm. Has anyone dealt with termites before? How do you permanently rid a location of termties?

  • Termite Baits came into being because chemical manufacturers and pesticide companies wanted to reduce their liability, not because they work better than the old soil drench method.  With soil drench, a long probe is stuck several feet into the ground every foot or so around the perimeter of the building and insecticide is injected into the soil creating a 5 year barrier to termites.

    Once Dursban, the major drench pesticide, was banned 15 or so years ago, baits became the tool of choice for most exterminators.

    Bait stations take a long time to work...if they ever do.  Baits are approved by the EPA without efficacy data and I've never seen any legitimate studies on how effective they are.  U of F has an extensive study that says they do work but they make millions on the royalties of one of the systems they developed so I'm skeptical.

    For these to work, the termites have to like the wood in the bait stations more then the rest of the wood in the yard, then they have to continue to visit the bait station after the wood is replaced with the chemical control.  Then, they have to share the chemical with every other termite in the colony.  Then...the action of the chemical must be slow enough that the rest of the colony doesn't notice and remove the sick termites.

    In my area, most extermination companies are using baits.  A few will still do soil drench. I don't know the rules in NY State.

    The old drench method always worked.

  • You first need to determine if they are dry wood of sub-terranian termites.  This will determine if they need to access a source of water to survive.  One you have an infestation i would not rely on bates to eradicate the colony.  You need to get a professional to access the situation, apply a termiticide to kill the existing colony and eliminate their point of entry be they dry wood (can enter above ground) or sub-terranian (require ground contact as a source for water).  It is worthy to note nere that if they have an alternate source of water, sub-terranian termites may not require access to soil.  Good Luck!

  • I have been in the pest control business since 1975 and i am a leader in the New York metro area.

    I learned about the Sentricon baiting method at a national pest conferece in 1995 and worked hard to be the first company in New York to become an authorized Sentricon company. Today I can purchase and use any baiting product on the market. Our company has used this product in thousands of residential and commercial properties. We acheive 100% success at a cost to my client in line with the old liquids. Most companies that say Sentricon does not work are those who do not have the ability to purchase it.

    We have Senticon in hundreds of multi-family dwellings as well as class A office bulidings. I will not publish the names here, but will share this information privately.

    My web site has a 10 minutes video explaining how the system works and I would be happy to discsull your termite issues with no expectation you use our services.

    Sentricon, in my opinion, is the best method of termite control, elimination and prevention.

    Arthur Katz



  • As luck would have it, I just got 3 quotes to do a termite treatment.

    One quote was for bait stations and two quotes were for drench treatment with fipronil.

    The drench treatment was half the price of the bait, and both companies offered a 5 year guarantee.

    The bait treatment was a 2 year contract with each year costing twice the one time drench treatment.  So, the price is really 4 x the drench treatment.  And...if the bait doesn't work in 2 years, they'll do a drench treatment at my cost.

    Which one do you think I picked?