Taking Care Items going to Storage

When you started thinking about putting all your items into storage, we bet that you didn't have a clue how to go about doing it. What probably came to mind was just getting items put inside a little room so that they would be out of the way. That, in essence, IS what storage is supposed to be about, but what about the quality of care for your items? Should you be worried about how your items are treated and handled?



There are a number of things to consider - how you’re going to get your items to the storage facility, whether things need to be organized, and whether you’re going to have a tough time with your items when you collect everything FROM storage to be “re-installed” into your new apartment or home or office!



When it comes to getting organized for storage, it really does depend on what items you have going in but you also have other things to think about like the transport system you’ll be using and how you pack your items in boxes and getting organized, these make a very big difference to the state of your items when they all come out of storage. Nobody wants to see damage on their items, everybody wants their items to come out looking exactly like they did while going in.



In bigger storage companies, you can look out for certain certifications that act as a stamp of approval of their good quality service and ability to properly handle you items. In Australia, the most reputable companies are licensed and regulated by the Australia Furniture Remover’s Association (AFRA). They ensure that professional removalists are well trained and equipped with the right skills to manage your bulky and fragile items when they are handling the transportation of your items to storage.



You can also look at their track record as well to get a sense of whether the team is trustworthy with your items. Meeting the general manager of the transport company or the self storage company and asking them some questions like their policies on breakage and replacements might be able to give you a little peace of mind, if not at the very least let you know who to look for if things do go wrong.



Another tip is to look for content insurance. Because unexpected things can still happen sometimes, it’s good to take out a simple plan. It doesn't have to be a top of the range one, a cheap option of insurance is better than none at all. Look out for companies that have in-house providers or partners that you can make use of discounts with - this can help you can a cheap price as compared to if you found a standalone provider.



During transit especially, your items can be bumped around, items may topple and tumble over each other, so do ensure that when you've packed everything in that your items fit tightly inside the unit. Padding helps to prevent those irritating little chips of corners and shattering mirrors and it will also help to reduce scratches on the easily impressionable items, even if it’s just little scratches on the surface of the more valuable items that you have around. Nobody wants to see their items scuffed. 

  • Home packing services can actually help remove a lot of the stress that you're feeling when you're moving homes. It might be a good idea to explore how other complementary services like this can give you a leg up on the big move! Good luck!

  • You should treat your storage unit in a similar manner you would your house and that is to arrange your items in an orderly fashion. This will help create space so you can maximize storage area to its fullest capability. You would also like to make use of shelving in order to utilize the wall of the unit as well which will help create even more space.