How can you make the most of your Storage Space?

So you have some new space in the form of a self storage unit. But how can you make that space last?

When you pick up a self storage unit and open it up for the very first time, all that new space just waiting to be filled can be quite heady and intoxicating! But it’s important to cultivate good habits right from the get-go so that you can maximise the self storage unit for the space that it offers you and make sure that you’re able to really make the most of your rental for it; heaven forbid that you’d need to rent more space when you could actually make do with what you have!

Supercheap Storage has collated some information about how to master your storage space here!

Rent a Unit that meets your needs

It’s a good idea to look at how many things you’re intending to move in so that you don’t over rent space or worse - under rent! Smaller furniture, chests of drawers and a few boxes might be able to fit in a mobile pod under 25 sq. feet while once you have a couch or larger will require increasingly more room. Do be careful not to double stack or over stuff items into the unit too because too much weight may crush the items at the bottom of the storage unit. A general rule of thumb is that a 1-bedroom apartment requires 100 sq. feet and every additional room requires an extra 50 sq. feet.

Pack with the Right Materials to protect against damage

Having the right packing material at the ready is so important when you are getting things ready for long term storage! Besides having things in their proper container, breakables should be wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent damage, towels and other cloth items can be used to protect corners and edges of tables and other furniture from getting scuffed and dented, they can also double up as dust covers on upholstered items, and if you’re putting valuables in, a safe may be a good idea too!

Plan your Storage Space

It’s important to plan what you’re going to do with your space before you really start moving things in. It’s important to have a good layout if you can so that you don’t end up with no space for the bigger items. It’s hard to fit the refrigerators, cabinets and sofas once the smaller boxes are in! Building upwards and putting shelving in is a good way to maximise space. There should also be adequate walking space or at the least and aisle way into the storage unit so that you have easy access to everything! 

  • Thanks for these often disregarded tips. At times, in the spur of the moment, we get all excited and overlook certain guidelines which could cause us spending more time and effort in the near future. That is why it is important to do it right at the very first time to prevent repeated work later on. Hence, plan ahead to see what your requirements really are so that you only rent what you need.

  • Especially when you are moving homes, if you are having a bit of problems working out renovations and house refurbishing work, it may be a good idea to have furniture removals Sydney help you bring the big and bulky items into storage units so you have a bit more space to get things done!

  • The key is to always remain organized. When things are neat and tidy, it becomes easier to arrange them in an orderly fashion so as to create and maximize space. You may wish to utilize every inch of the wall space of the storage unit by using a shelf to make way for even more things or stack various boxes up.

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  • Using multi-functional furniture is also a good option. You can also opt for furniture with numerous drawers and shelves.