Enhance Access Security and Visitor Management With Optical Character Recognition Technology

Security has become a primary concern globally and ensuring effective and secure access control and visitor management into a facility is imperative. Banks, government offices, organizations, educational institutions, foreign offices and more need to address the security of both employees and visitors and in order to achieve this, accurate and efficient ID solutions have to be implemented. One of the key ways to address security demands is to implement identity data solutions which have the ability to extract and process the identification data and image of each visitor to a facility in real-time. This data must then be accessible and compatible with 3rd party applications in order to ensure efficient security management across the facility. In order to achieve this, OCR technology takes center stage.

What is OCR?

OCR or Optical Character Recognition is a technology which converts scanned data into computer-editable and searchable text. That is, OCR software has the capability of turning paper documents and ID cards into digital data and files which can then be exported or populated into 3rd party applications and databases. By incorporating OCR technology into the realm of access security and visitor management, users have the ability to create and maintain detailed records of visitors and staff entering and leaving a facility. This is easily achieved since OCR software enables the ability for the instant extraction and identification of printed information such as from ID cards, driver’s licenses, passports, national ID cards, medical cards, business cards and other media.

The process is simple. A visitor arrives at a facility and security personnel simply scan the visitor’s ID card to verify their identity. With the help of OCR software, a high quality digital image of the scanned document is produced and the textual information from the card is converted into the required format for integration into an existing database management system or application. Within seconds, the ID data of the visitor is extracted and processed enabling the security to verify the visitor’s details. The benefits of using OCR software are extensive.

Benefits of OCR Software for Access Control and Visitor Management

The key benefit is the ability to scan, extract and process ID information instantly. This saves time as opposed to manually typing the ID data which in turn reduces errors. The extracted data can also auto-populate fields according to security requirements and this enables a facility to create accurate reports on visitors entering and exiting the property. With vital ID data at one’s fingertips, security personnel are able to search for visitor information at any time as well as share this information with others in the organization. Another key benefit is that some OCR software solutions have the ability to verify the authenticity of the presented ID card which in turn enhances the security of the facility. With the ability to quickly capture vital ID data, productivity is increased, costs are reduced and an efficient workflow is created.

Which OCR Software Solution Is Best?

In order to choose an OCR solution that addresses the needs of visitor management and access control, you need to first clearly understand your requirements. For example, some leading companies such as Card Scanning Solutions Inc. offer a mobile ID scanner solution which enables you to scan ID cards and driver’s licenses with your mobile phone. This solution will enable security personnel to capture ID data from anywhere and at any time. If you also require the ability to print badges for visitors, then Groove offers an electronic visitor management solution which provides this functionality. Plastic Card ID offers an OCR visitor’s software solution which can be used in kiosk and self-registration mode. This is most effective for clients who have an unattended lobby area and require visitors to register themselves.


OCR technology has provided us with the ability to enhance access security and visitor management to a facility globally. By extracting vital ID data quickly and accurately, we are able to easily monitor the access of visitors and employees which in turn boosts the security of the facility.

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