NFMT Launches ‘High-Performance Buildings’ Event

For facility managers who are aiming to achieve a high-performance building, one challenge is deciding exactly what a “high-performance building” is. There’s no single industry-wide definition. But that doesn’t mean that the term lacks substance.

One good way to understand the concept is to say that you know it when you see it. A high-peformance building is extremely energy efficient in operation as well as design. It’s comfortable. It’s green. And it’s designed to enhance the productivity of occupants, the performance of students, or the healing of patients.

These days, the goals of a high-performance building are increasingly achievable. An abundance of proven design strategies exists, as does a growing body of best practices for efficient building operations. Every year brings another wave of products that offer significant new benefits for those interested in achieving high performance.

But even with all those tools and resources, there is no single template for high-performance buildings. Facility managers will have to decide what steps to take first, what strategies are best for the organization’s goals.

Starting this spring, facility managers will have an important new resource in their efforts to achieve high-performance buildings. NFMT High-Performance Buildings will bring together experts on the design and operation of these buildings. Like the other NFMT events, NFMT High-Performance Buildings combines a wide range of educational sessions with an extensive exposition hall. And the new event is free to facility managers.

Pre-conference workshops are June 1, with the full conference and exposition June 2-3, all at the Fort Worth Convention Center. If  improving  energy efficiency, occupant productivity, or overall sustainability is on your agenda, it’s an event you should take a close look at.