Durable Door Hardware

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  • We're based over in the UK and recently moved into a new unit. We're a pretty small set up, 16 full time staff, but required control of access to various areas. After having a read of this article and various security sites we found these electronic door locks: www.lockshop-warehouse.co.uk/.../electronic-door-locks.html we grabbed a couple of the codelocks which have allowed us to control which members of staff have access to high value stock among other key assets. This along with the types of door closers mentioned above, has really helped make our workplace securer....

  • Janitors and custodians are really the jack of all trades.  Not only do they fix everything from door hardware to HVAC units, they are also in charge of cleaning buildings too.  They do all the ordering of <a href="www.brownandpratt.com/.../">Indianapolis janitorial supplies</a> and inventory the stock of spare parts.  They do a whole lot that goes unnoticed.