Schools, EPA Settle Over Asbestos Problems


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Schools, EPA Settle Over Asbestos Problems

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  • This is a great start to replacing the asbestos in construction materials. Hopefully we can make changes in all the schools across the country. Thank you for taking part in this cause.  Check here for more information on <a href=“”>asbestos</a>

  • Blog detailing causes and effects of Asbestos:

  • It is a great start but we really have to be diligent! Even in highly-regulated areas certain areas containing asbestos were missed. It really was used in everything a few decades ago. Look at what I found, there was asbestos even found in school science kits!

  • Another update: BAN Asbestos is a global movement!  Italian Court Convicts Two Businessmen for Asbestos-Related Negligence:

  • For authoritative and factual information on the topic of asbestos and mesothelioma. Check here: We can also offer further help to fight for compensation you deserve.

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