New Avenger Vertical Carousel Increases Reliability - Up To a 10 Year Warranty For Order Picking and Storage

The new Avenger Vertical Carousel arm design eliminates the number  one historical failure point. The  Avenger uses a double reinforced arm and forging assembly that attaches to the chain singularly to avoid critical cascading failures which can destroy multiple carriers with one incident. This improved design helps Sapient offer up to a 10 year warranty on some models.

Instead of using a single scissor arm design, this Vertical Storage Solution Avenger Carousel's scissor arms are double reinforced. Likewise, instead of using a pin to attach the arms to the rollers in the guide track the Avenger uses a forging for maximum reliability.

Historically vertical carousels use one location on the chain to support two carriers. If there is any disturbance or pressure on the arms it will typically bend and destroy multiple arms in a cascading effect.

The Avenger vertical carousel's arms mount to the chain in their own exclusive position. If there is any pressure or stress, it is not passed through to the other arms. This eliminates the potential for any cascading effect and unit failure.

The new Avenger Vertical Carousel has been designed to use 45% less energy by incorporating state of the art components. This reduced energy consumption will allow "green conscious" Custom Field 6 organizations to utilize the new Avenger Vertical Carousel in their sustainability programs.

The new arm design, unit reliability long warranty and reduced power consumption will help organizations to reach an even faster Return On Investment (ROI) and greater Internal Rate of Return (IRR) than ever before.

Sapient Automation is a leading provider of automated storage and retrieval systems for manufacturing, distribution, warehouses, institutions, retail and wholesale. For information about the Avenger Vertical Carousel call 888-451-9711 or visit the Sapient Automation web site at


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