New Utility Vehicle Research - Looking For Research Participants

International Market Solutions, a consulting and research firm, is conducting research for a manufacturer on a new utility vehicle concept. We are looking for research participants with which to conduct phone interviews to understand their current utility vehicle usage and get their reaction to a new utility vehicle concept.

One of the market segments we are exploring is grounds and facilities management.  We are looking for managers, supervisors or others that use and/or make recommendations or decisions regarding utility vehicles, particularly if you use your utility vehicles in rough/difficult terrain, snow or other challenging conditions. If you are interested in participating please contact me:  Thank you.

Marc Cesare


  • When conducting surveys, it is best for participants to be from a related background and hopefully not any Tom or Harry who simply drives a car would be signing up just for the sake of the experience. This is to ensure the inputs given by the contributors are reliable knowledge based on past experience and expertise within the field.
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