Shared Landscaping Expense

We share a 14 acre site with one other tenant.  Our buildings out number the other tenant by about 3 to 1 so we have a larger footprint on the site.  The other tenant is completing a building program that will increase its presence on the property but not by a significant amount.

Both tenants occupy a City owned parcel and the issue is determining the increased shared landscaping expense between the tenants and the City as a result of the new building.  The prevailing thought is to use the same BOMA gross square footage of the buildings that was used to determine HVAC chiller energy sharing costs and apply the same air conditioned space formula for landscaping costs.  Currently the City pays 50%, tenant 1 pays 8% and tenant 2 pays 42%.  Using this formula tenant 1's share would increase approx 1% with the addition of the new building.

The other  method of determining each tenants landscaping responsibility would be to use the actual buildings size (footprint) that occupy the site.  In conjunction with that information the amount of visitors and use of the property could be factored in to gauge/estimate the impact each tenant has on the grounds and landscaping.

Using this formula the ratio would increase for tenant 1 by approx 3.5%.  

Does anyone have experience or knowledge concerning an issue of this type?  Your thoughts are well appreciated.

Thank you.

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