Recycle Cigarette Butts to Earn Money for Charity

Instead of just collecting cigarette butts in indoor and outdoor ashtrays and throwing them away, facilities managers can recycle them to earn money for Keep America Beautiful.  Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company partnered with recycling pioneer TerraCycle to launch the Cigarette Waste Brigade, the first cigarette butt recycling program to operate in the US. The free program allows managers to send in tobacco waste for to be recycled.  For each pound of waste collected through the Brigade, $1 is donated to Keep America Beautiful.  

The building or facility's participation in the Cigarette Waste Brigade is something that can be communicated through posters and fliers available on TerraCycle's website, adding a feel-good, environmental layer to tenants' experience.

Both the Ocean Conservancy and Keep America Beautiful have strong statistics showing cigarette waste is one of the most prevalent forms of litter worldwide, with 65% being improperly discarded.  KAB even estimates that 38% of all roadside litter in the US is tobacco-related. But even the butts that are "properly" disposed of are sent to a landfill, where they take up space and can leach chemicals into the ground.  Instead, butts recycled with TerraCycle will be pelletized and used to make industrial products like shipping pallets.

The program is ongoing, free to join, and all shipping costs are pre-paid.  To sign up or learn more, please visit

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