Build smaller buildings - Lease Less Space - Eliminate Off Site Storage

Talk about energy savings.   We just did a project where we saved the client 7,000 sq. ft. of construction costs at $300 per sq. ft. + a nice annual energy savings (how much do you pay per sq. ft. to heat and cool space?).   They incorporated our solutions that cost 15% of the construction savings to implement.   Think about the energy savings if you: 1.  Build smaller buildings and accomplish the same business need.  2.  Lease less space  3.  Reduce or eliminate off site storage for your facility  4.  Condense multiple areas into one area and free up valuable floor space.   We have a White Paper written by a LEED AP called "Role of Compact Storage In Green Building Design".   See our videos at     These systems cost a fraction of what they used to cost and with the new structural rail solutions we now can put systems into buildings without structurally reinforcing the space (works about 70% of the time now).   Not having to worry about floor loading is a new technology for these types of shelving solutions.   Don't think of these just for files anymore.   We have 1,200 + accessories to store everything from pallets in a warehouse to microchips.  


  • There have been various initiatives raised by the different corporations from diverse industries in the efforts of trying to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. Every development plan of an expansion or an acquisition of a separate location often involves being energy-efficient especially when planning long-term processes.
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