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How Are You an "Unconventional FM"?

Last year, we profiled FM Robert Francis of Drexel University, who has made a career of solving facility management problems in unique ways. www.facilitiesnet.com/.../Robert-Francis-Focuses-on-Sustainability-Amid-Drexel-University39s-Massive-Growth--13439

At this year's NFMT conference, we're putting on a panel session - with Francis as a panelist - about creative solutions to difficult problems. And I'm interested to hear from you! What are some creative solutions you've come up with to FM problems - solutions you might deem "unconventional"? Please comment below!


  • Now a days, It is important not only to have a solution to track facility management and a solution to track sustainability. FM's are having to do more with less as we all know. I want to mention something that I think is important and creative as well. When something happens in the facility, that is an emergency, and the FM is not on site, what happens? Do they realize it the next morning when they arrive at the facility? Has the problem worsened?.... Here is a story:


    Basically, due to a freezer malfunction, one third of the worlds largest collections of autism brain samples were lost.

    This could have been prevented with a Critical Alarm solution. With a Critical Alarm in place, the FM would have received a text message or e-mail letting him know that the temperature was not correct in that specific freezer.

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