Is anyone using any Facility Management tool?


I am in the process of developing standards for a client who owns multiple properties. As a facility management tool we have been investigating if there would be a benefit in creating BIMs of all of the structures. We are also wanting to manage the properties on a campus by campus basis as well as globally.

Am I asking or expecting to much from any software? Or are there 3d party applications that havest and manage the data that we are looking for? I actually checked Facility management video for help but wasnt satisfied.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.


  • Linking BIM to Facilities Management systems is increasingly an option which can lead to considerable savings during operations and maintenance. If models are available from the construction phase they need to be prepped for FM use. Scans and model developed from scans can be used where models from construction are not available. It is important to remember that bare 3D models must be enriched with ‘Meta-data’ and hyper-links to relevant text and document information. Linking BIM data to FM / CMMS systems requires data processing skills.

    Currently there are middleware available which can link the BIM information to FM / CMMS systems. This needs careful planning and implementation. You can search ‘BIM for FM’ on Google. There is a lot of information but you have to be careful about your assessments.

    In my opinion, integrating BIM models and data into FM / CMMS systems is the future. Good luck with your initiative.
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