Every Day Stress

With everyday challenges we face everyday, like unexplained damages, service calls that are as easy as flipping a light switch. Stress is a major part of the job we do. So how do you cope with stress on the job and off?

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  • For me it's important to pay attenion to how I'm responding physically when under pressure. When I  find myself getting tense, just pausing for a moment to take a deep breath helps to relax the body and clear the mind.  When that isn't enough, finding a quiet place to meditate for a few minutes to engage the Relaxation Response works wonders. Doing yoga classes a couple of times a week makes it easier to do this.

  • In reply to Marty Reagan:

    Considering that maintenance management is one of the 10 most stressful professions, it is not easy to successfully deal with stress.  I thinks it is important to stay ahead of the work loads and deal with emergencies quickly.  Anticipate potential problems.  Rely on staff members to help handle stressful situations by delegating important work tasks and then supervise their work.  Evaluate your management decisions; could you have done something differently?  Lastly, do not take your job home.  

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    I think taking a break is really very important. Especially when you work in the service line. Just one bad customer can ruin your whole day and send your blood pressure shooting through the roof. So take a coffee or smoke break once in a while and breathe out all that stress then come back to the job at hand feeling refreshed!
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