The Mental Health Thread

I discuss the need to start this thread for a while or not. If that's a bad idea, someone will be honest and tell me. Everyone seems to mention their mental health problems, and I thought it would be nice to have a place for support, ventilation and commiseration. Be honest with your story.

For those who pass by, do not try to diagnose yourself, especially not with the experiences of others. If you have concerns about your mental health, please contact a specialist.

Now that I have started it, I will try to write the courage.

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  • I have friends who claim their OCD, but I doubt they seem to think just because they like things to their ocd that is not true and bothers me. I think I suffered from fear in the past, I was never diagnosed was just a burden of depth and hated life, I'm on it now, but I still have problems with it. My anxiety triggered an overactive bladder that I had for two years, which is terrible, but not a mental illness, it will always be its cause, even with drugs that suck.

    I will stop because I have nothing but a bad bladder and scoliosis.
  • You are very brave that you decided on such a topic. I support you. But I have nothing like this
  • I also went to the doctor because I realized that my health was not perfect, especially in such a difficult time for our world, when he prescribed me treatment. Here I learned everything about my illness and treatment. Now I feel much better and I can say with confidence that I am ready to go on the road to new beginnings with renewed strength.
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