What health problems do you have?

Hello dear reader! 

In this rude world everyone's got a health problem...Some are more serious and some are less serious

I got psyche problems... Stress ruined my stomach,now when i encounter stress i have a feeling that i'm gonna puke,etc.
Now i have it under control,got psychological help,and medicine ^.^

What problems do you have?

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  • im sorry to here all of you having such ailments

    as for me i have a disorder known as PTSD other wise known as Post Tramatic Stress Disorder

    this intails short term memory loss, short temper, extreem mood swings, etc.

    i also have anemia (lack of hemaglobin in the blood)

    and im also a Diabetic

    other then that its arthritice from previous ingeries comming back to hont me T^T but i have medication to deal with these ailments and keep me in a normal state ratherthen going nuts over minor things
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