Gas hot-air Furnace question. (furnaces, heat, install, natural gas)

I'm in the process of replacing my gas hot-air system. I'm using a trusted local contractor who sells Carrier and Lennox systems. I've read some reviews of Lennox systems which state that the units can be noisy. Loud fans, poping sounds, etc.I couldn't find any online reviews of carrier systems. Any one here had experience with either a Carrier or Lennox gas hot-air furnace? Have you had any noise problems with either brand?

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  • I spec’d Carrier for over 25yrs.- my HVAC contractor’s number 1 brand. As for noise(s)- from the air handler itself; no. From the boots and/or registers; yes. But, that doesn’t have anything to do with the air handler- it’s just expansion of the metal boots. Sometimes there’s a problem with the air being a little loud coming through the duct- that’s usually remedied by lengthening the duct.
  • I had a Lennox 2 stage gas hot air system and it wasn't noisy at all. We live in Florida now and have a variable speed Carrier (electric) and its nice and quiet. From what I understand Carrier is the #1 brand of HVAC, the various techs have sworn by it and they fix them all day.
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