lightweight electric lawn mower


Not sure if this is the right thread.

I need recommendations for lightweight electric lawnmower please. I'm looking for something under £100 (can't really afford expensive one Sad ). There are lots of good and bad reviews for the same item on amazon etc so I can't really decide :confused:

Many thanks.


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  • You can see the features of GreenWorks lawn mover from Amazon but its price is above $100 and you will find it at $150. On the other hand, I would recommend you to go with a small but good speed weed eater from here. Because they work on battery that's why prices are not high but performance is good.
  • I also bought a mower company BOSCH ALR 900 MANUALS I thought why it is so slow mow did not understand. I love to mow the lawn is I poslabljaet. The previous mower is very fast and high-quality, and the new mower is not so fast it turned out that this goat has a lot of modes. I found out after reading the operating instructions . now my beauty is very fast to mow.
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