You Gotta Hustle To Stay On Top

Those of you who benchmark your facility on Energy Star's Portfolio Manager in order to track your facility's performance and strive to increase energy efficiency (which is all of you, right?) may have recently noticed that your score has likely shifted downwards. As such, some of you may not have Energy Star rated facilities anymore. Not because you left all the lights on and the front door open and the shower running forever, but because your peers are getting their act together.

Energy Star updated the data set used in the rating system to the most recently available numbers from CBECS. Good news: buildings across the country are improving their energy performance! Huzzah! But, that means you're going to have to kick your hustle up a notch if you want to be among the top performers and achieve Energy Star certification. You can totally do it! Start by triple checking the data in Portfolio Manager is absolutely accurate, and then go after those next-level energy efficiency strategies you've been eyeing.

Also, don't try to go it alone. Communicate what happened with your facility's occupants and get them on board with treasure hunts to find new ways to improve energy efficiency. If you have any good strategies to share, post them in the comments below!


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