Restroom Renovation Inspiration

The restrooms in schools are not generally the awesomest places. Fixtures might be dated and worn. There may be lingering odors that just won't scrub out. But regardless how humble, everybody at school needs to use the restroom at some point. And sometimes, a stall is the only place a student can find a bit of privacy to cry something out or catch a break.

Knowing this, some anonymous students at my local school took it upon themselves to start leaving Post-It notes with kind words and affirmations on the mirrors and stalls in the restrooms. It started out with the 7th and 8th grade restrooms, but by the end of the year even the little kids were seeing colorful kind notes in their restrooms. I hope the tradition continues this year. 

In another school I just read about, students got permission to repaint the bathroom stalls with positive sayings. They turned drab stalls into colorful murals. Because the students did it, it adds another layer of ownership and belonging in their school. I thought it was a great and inexpensive project. What do you think? Do your restrooms need an update? Could they benefit from some positive student input and creativity?

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