Beyond Light: Thoughts on Lightfair

I’ve been at Lightfair for the last two days. For those who don’t know, Lightfair is the tradeshow where the whole lighting industry shows up to show off their latest and greatest. It’s a really big show, and there are A LOT of lamps, luminaires, and control systems to check out.

I’ve attended the show many times over the last ten years, and it’s been amazing to me to see this technology which started out as this horrible harsh blueish light I simply could not see used in commercial interiors evolve into how we do light. Ok, maybe LEDs are not how we all do light as I’m sure most of you just looked up and saw a fluorescent. But it’s how the lighting industry does light.

The fact that you can get quality energy-efficient light from an LED is so matter-of-fact, nobody really talks about it at the show anymore. There is still a bit of an arms race on lumens,  but basically LEDs now rival the brightness of the sun, or at least that’s what it feels like. Where the conversation has now shifted is on what is beyond illumination. What else can LED lamps and luminaires, as digital devices, provide to the end user. Health? Security? Cleaning services? There are near-future and here-today lighting solutions that facilitate all of the above benefits and more. Which, more than a zillion lumens, is pretty brilliant.

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