Women's Winter (funny video)

I came across this video today on another social channel: Women's Winter from the College Humor team. 


The phenomenon where women in commercial offices freeze their hands off during the summer because HVAC norms are set to keep men in suits comfortable is something I've seen in the media much more frequently over the last couple of "Women's Winter" cycles. But this is by far the funniest treatment of the topic I've seen. And I appreciate the aside which points out that during the heating season, men are often too warm. "I didn't wear a shirt once in December!" one of the men quips.

With summer cooling season practically upon us, what are some of the strategies you have in place to help facility occupants address their thermal comfort needs? Relaxed dress codes to let people dress for the season? Free desking so employees can move to the thermal zone on the floor or building that best suits their needs that day? Apps that interface with the HVAC system to crowd source the best set point for the zone? 

Not only is overcooling the space downright painful for a large percentage of the workforce, it's wasting energy dollars you can surely use elsewhere. If you haven't already, consider having a conversation with your C-suite about tweaking set points this summer, along with support strategies that will help all employees be productive and comfortable at work. 

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