Walk This Way! Use Signage to Encourage Healthy Habits

(You can find the original printable of the above poster at http://www1.nyc.gov/assets/doh/downloads/pdf/tcny/takethestairs.pdf.) 

I'm working on a profile of Kilroy Realty's Sara Neff for the June issue of Building Operating Management. She's their senior vice president of sustainability and has led the REIT to some pretty impressive sustainability gains over the last decade. You can read all about that in the June issue, but as I was looking through their sustainability report I saw a couple of photos of signage on stairwells encouraging people to use the stairs. Painted on the wall (or maybe they're decals) the typography and icons are light-hearted and nudge people in the right direction without seeming too judgy. 

Encouraging facility occupants to use the stairs instead of the elevator can be part of an overall wellness strategy. New facilities are often now designed with attractive showpiece staircases, but existing buildings have to contend with the utilitarian stairwells they've got. These are often tucked into the corners of a building or are otherwise not very conspicuous. Signage can go a long way to improving the use of stairs, since half the time people don't even know where they are. Making sure stairwells are brightly lit, clean, and inviting are other strategies to boost use. 




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