Let's Meet Up at NFMT

NFMT is next week in Baltimore and I'll be moderating two sessions. Here's a little bit about them. 

First, on Tuesday morning, I'm going to kick off the show with a panel on stress, based on the cover story from the February issue of Building Operating Management. Two of my sources for the article, Brian Braudis and Robin Camarote, will be joining me as we discuss how stress manifests in facility management from two perspectives, the leader and the team. There will be no yoga, visualization, or breathing exercises, though I highly recommend all of those strategies. Rather we will discuss the career and business impact of stress. Facility management is a stressful job. Some of you love it, and it's slowly killing some of you. No matter your personal take on stress, there will be a take away for you. It's at 8 am on Tuesday March 20, so grab a coffee and meet me there! 

Then on Wednesday at 4:10 pm, I'll be leading the discussion on Women in FM. This year's panelists are Deborah Kuo of Excelon, Doreen Lorenzen of Hennepin County, and Jenefer Russum of Sodexo. We will discuss their individual career paths, and take on broader industry issues such as advancement strategies and leadership skills. This year I'm inspired by the significant uptick in women running for political office and am curious if that energy can be tapped into in the facilities management world to get more women into leadership positions. Afterwards we'll continue the conversation during the adjoining reception. Conversations there get deep, and usually the building has to kick us out. But you can stay for as long as works for you. 

On Thursday, you'll find me running around the expo floor, trying to see as many of the products as I can get my eyes on. If you've never been to NFMT, bring your comfy shoes. The expo hall is ENORMOUS and there are manufacturers from every single category of building system you can think of. The expo is open every day of course, so if you pace yourself you'll do significantly less mall walking than I will be. 

Hope to see you at the show!


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