Active Shooter and Facility Security: How Much is Enough?

What is a fair and reasonable expectation for facility managers when it comes to protecting occupants from an active shooter scenario? As we reel and react to yet another mass murder, I keep asking myself that question. I want to know your thoughts.

I’ve learned about hardening schools, about providing clear line of sight to approaches to the facility, about providing places for children to hide from view. I’ve learned about gun-shot recognition technology and grew up with debates about metal detectors at entrances. I have learned that it is perhaps impossible to absolutely protect a facility from a determined assailant.  And still, there is much that can be done.

But how much can be fairly demanded of the built environment and those who operate it? I am a mother with two young children. I would demand a fortress. And I know how facilities operate in the real world, and recognize that we can not operate fortresses.

How are you answering this for your facility? What are you doing? And will it ever be enough?

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