Is Your Job Stressing You Out?

Are you pulling your hair out because of your job? All jobs are stressful, but facilities management is certainly among the more stressful. In a recent Building Operating Management survey, only 10 percent of facility management professionals felt their job was less stressful as compared to the other people they knew, and 44 percent felt it was more stressful.

Many facility managers say they like the stress of the job. They thrive on the changing work environment and how no two days are alike. However, there could be people on your team silently suffering due to job-related stress.

We asked this question: Has there ever been a time when job-related stress directly impacted your performance, either in a good or bad way? Explain.

There was a wide variety of response, but a large percentage showed that the stress of the job is not such a good thing for many in the field. Here is a sample of what folks had to say:

— "At points lately I have found my head in my hands with elbows resting on my desk. Sometimes it is discouraging to not have more input on the overall direction of the 'ship.'"

— "Definitely. I am currently coming from my 'dark place' where I cried every day due to my boss' lack of understanding and my unhappiness at my job. I was so down that I actually was sick for over a week. (I rarely get sick and definitely not that long if I do.)"

— "I had a heart attack at age 45 due to job stress (and smoking...)"

— "The stress has gotten to the point at times I am ready to find a different job or I get to where I don't care if I do a good job in what I do."

— "Yes, I had to start taking blood pressure medication after five years of being at my current job."

 I post those responses first of all because if you're among the number of people who are overwhelmed, I just want you to know you're not alone. But I also want you to know that it doesn't have to be that way. Reach out to your team. Reach out to your boss. Tell them what's up.

 And if you want to crowdsource a solution to a problem you're facing, always feel free to post it here on myFacilitiesnet. You'll find a friendly, helpful crowd. If you want to post about your issue anonymously, feel free to send me an email and I'll post your question on your behalf. You can find me at Be well everyone!


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