Is an electric vehicle in your future?

Were you one of the 200,000 or so owners of a new (or new to you) electric vehicle (EV) in 2017? From basically no EVs on any road in 2012, to 2 million EVs worldwide in 2016, the car and energy world is buzzy with visions of a bright future for EVs.

But one key factor in making that future a reality hinges on facility managers. While EV drivers primarily charge their vehicles at home, people are more likely to purchase an EV when they know they can charge it easily. Such as at work, or at the grocery store. I recently toured a home where the owner charges his Bolt directly from his solar panel array. He switched from his old Prius to the all-electric Bolt because of the increase in range. It made him feel less vulnerable to always needing to find a place to charge up, which made him confident to go all in with the all-electric vehicle.

EV charging infrastructure is most established on the coasts, in particular the West. But roadtrips into the interior of the country in an EV require some advance strategy to plot charging spots, which again causes a range anxiety. Several apps and websites help EV drivers find stations. Would a driver find your facility on their maps? Have you leveraged electric vehicle charging as an amenity for your facility occupants or as a way to attract people to your facility? I'd love to hear how it's going for you. 

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