Modern Graffiti and What FMs Can Do About It

In many ways, projection bombing is the perfect crime. Nobody gets hurt. Nobody needs to trespass onto private property. No property is physically or permanently harmed. And for all these reasons, projection bombing, aka light graffiti, is not really a crime at all.

But as a family member gloated as they showed me a photo of a particularly well-executed political protest message prominently splashed across a hotel’s facade, even as I cheered for the spunk of the projection artist’s message and medium, all I could think about was that poor facility manager.

From a legal standpoint, there is truly very little facility managers can do. But that doesn’t mean targetable facilities should just accept their role as a giant blank canvas. By studying the strategies of projection artists for creating good light graffiti, facility mangers can take some steps to respond.

One last point: these kinds of projections are designed to go viral. They flash on a building for a brief period of time, but are meant to catch the eye of passerby to spark conversation on the street and online. Keeping tabs on social media for when #yourbuilding starts trending is always a good idea.

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