Activate the Outdoors

Looking over my kid's wish list for Santa makes me chuckle. They don't have a lot of access to commercials, so their lists are stitched from their true heart's desires. For example, a shark launcher for my son. Good luck finding that on the shelves at Toys R Us, Santa.

I know just what I would wish for: an igloo. Not the snowy kind. An igloo greenhouse, which rooftop bars in New York, London, Chicago and elsewhere have been using of late to create access to outdoor spaces during our long cold grey months. Heated against the winter chill, providing views of the surrounding skyline, all the while stretching the profit potential of a facility's square footage — it's no wonder igloos are trending.

Creating greater access to outdoor spaces is an increasingly important strategy for commercial facilities. People want gathering spaces outdoors that will support them while they socialize, eat lunch, or work. It's often the third space — somewhere to work that's not your desk, and not another formal workspace within the office.  Manufacturers are responding to the demand, providing items like bollards that also contain USB charing points, or solar power charging stations that double as sunshades/touchdown spots. Rebranded commercial facilities are installing items like firepits and plazas. What have been some of your successful strategies are connecting your workforce with the outdoors they so crave?

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