Drone Be Gone!

Sadly, a drone-hunting eagle squad in the Netherlands has been disbanded. (I didn't know this was a thing either. But I am likewise bitterly disappointed now.) Eagles are very good at snatching objects out of the sky, but the Dutch police was concerned the birds wouldn't perform reliably against hostile drones, according to IEEE Spectrum

Drones can provide a lot of benefit for facility managers, from providing an easier way to survey the roof to augmenting security team capabilities. However, establishing a plan for detecting and containing potentially rogue drones should also be part of the conversation, says Mike Anderson, security program manager, Microsoft global security. 

Anderson says facility managers should start by establishing the drone policy for their campus, and then worry about anti-drone defenses. Eagles are out, but other solutions are available. For example, there are jammers that will disrupt a drone's remote control, and force it to land or go back to its starting point. 

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