With IoT, There's Nowhere to Hide

When my son was born, I really wanted to chip him. But not just with a passive device that would identify him — a tracker, some sort of tiny beacon. My husband argued that might be morally reprehensible. In any case, the tech was not an option at the time. 

In the intervening years, just about everyone has a tracking device in their pocket. It has a shiny screen and it's really useful. But it's not just smart phones and PDAs that can be tracked. Small tags can be attached to just about anything you want to keep tabs on, broadcasting location information constantly. More and more things that are smart and trackable can make some things easier, and some things harder — like playing hooky. Check out this recent news out of Australia about an employee who figured out how to use a chip bag to obscure the location information being broadcast by his mobile device so he could spend time playing golf during work hours.

Have you had an employee or tenant that was almost too clever for her or his own good? Tell me about it. 

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