Can Dead Malls Be Reborn as Farms?

Can a dead mall be repurposed into a community farm? I was watching a TED Talk on dead malls and was struck by the giant atriums in most malls and how maybe it would make a great space to grow plants year-round in climates such as Chicago. I've seen rooftop farms taking off. Of course, this requires a roof that can bear the load. But I've also started to see indoor aquaponic vertical farms taking off, growing things like lettuce and tomatoes with LED systems tuned for super growing. These have been mostly in old warehouse spaces, I suppose for the blank square footage potential. But what about your friendly local underutilized mall? This is pure curiosity. Would it work? The lights of course could be done with LEDs, and getting water shouldn't be too much of a hassle. Live loads on the individual floors? Humidity levels too high leading to IAQ issues? What do you think?

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