Can Fault Detection and Diagnostics Improve Your Facility Performance?

If you're like most FMs, you're hearing more and more talk about FDD — fault detection and diagnostics. The idea is fairly straightforward. FDD gathers data from the HVAC system and uses sophisticated algorithms to find problems. And FDD has shown itself to be a powerful tool for improving facility performance. But there are many software products that call themselves FDD, and they offer a wide range of capabilities. Click here for a report on how FDD works, what capabilities are available, the challenges to implementing FDD, and advice on making the most of FDD software.


  • Hi All I had a situation with our Hospitality program .It basically the same as the ones you use at Hotels a card system that opens the dinning halls and rooms .The problem was when the facility was build there were no back up plan for the system ,It was new in SA and there were no IT support available from the Company that installed it ( Sold it with big promises) .And then last year the hole system crashed and everything has to be used manually .So my Question around this, what would be the best to source a new card system to keep up with the technology or the keep it manual.
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