Achieve High-Performance HVAC with IoT

While IoT or Internet of Things is a concept the general public is getting up to speed on, its foundational concepts are familiar territory for facility managers. This is particularly true in the HVAC category. Take this excerpt from Building Operating Management: "The technological foundation of IoT is not new to the commercial facilities industry; rather many of IoT’s basic concepts were developed based on the needs of commercial facilities. For example, the use of an array of sensors in the physical environment to allow for evaluation and manipulation of HVAC systems dates to the invention of the first non-computer enabled building pneumatic control systems. Similarly, the introduction of the microprocessor into commercial facility HVAC control systems happened concurrently in the early 1980s with the maturing of computer and information technologies that enable IoT today."

While the foundational concepts of IoT are not news to FMs, things are moving fast in the world of IoT today.The article quoted above specifically discuses the convergence of IoT and direct digital controls to enable high-performance HVAC. Check it out at

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