LED Advances to Exterior Lighting

From sidewalks and parking lots to facades and signage, an array of exterior areas of institutional and commercial facilities require lighting. Even though exterior lighting systems often go overlooked when conversations turn to lighting upgrades, these projects can offer benefits such as energy-efficiency gains and enhanced appearance, security, and safety — if maintenance and engineering managers plan and perform them properly.

By understanding advances in exterior lighting technology, including LEDs and lighting control technologies, managers will better able to match new-generation lighting products to their facilities’ exterior lighting needs.

Technology talk

Technology advances have affected nearly every component of lighting systems in institutional and commercial facilities.

Advances in network-controlled LED street lights, area lights, post-tops, landscape lighting, signage lighting, and wall packs offer managers significant cost and functional improvement opportunities. By incorporating dimmable LEDs as a part of the network control system, managers can strategically placed motion sensors in key areas to detect activity, which can lower energy use by 50 percent and increase lighting to a safe level.

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