How Do You Build Partnerships?

Soft skills are so often overlooked and underrated - the ability to form partnerships, to get people to understand your challenges and to show you understand theirs, and simply just not to be a jerk (after all, the one immutable rule in life: When in doubt, don't be a jerk) are as important as any MBA. And for FMs whose responsibilities touch nearly every sector of an organization, these soft skills are not just nice-to-haves, they're essential.

The August cover story of Building Operating Management profiles Bruce Thorpe, a leader at the Silicon Valley tech company NVIDIA. I always say there are two types of people in the world: Tthose who get it and those who don't. Bruce is unquestionably one of the former. Read his story to learn about how he has successfully built partnerships and trust with the company's IT department and product teams to manage data centers and emulation labs. 

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