Smart Grid Energy Shift from Utility to Facility

How's this for an exciting concept: "Today, energy innovation is being driven by the building industry more than the electric utilities, and facility managers are getting paid for the risk of adopting new technology with dramatic cost savings." 

That quote is from a Building Operating Management article on smart grid, and what the efforts to modernize the grid have evolved into. With smart meters, ever improving onsite energy generation and storage capacity, and a willingness from the utilities to partner with large commercial facilities, creating a smart and resilient grid is more and more possible. Of course, there's loads more work to be done, but the article does a good job of quickly explaining the impact of the smart grid efforts of the early 2000s, their influence today on technologies like building analytics, and where the focus of the utility sector is.

What's the news on energy resilience at your facility? I'd love to know.

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