Seeing the Light on LEDs

I recently attended Lightfair in Philadelphia and I came away mulling how very nearly mundane LED lighting has become. I didn't notice a single non-LED product on that show floor, which is interesting since LEDs still make up only a fraction of the market shipping to commercial facilities. I remember the first time I saw LEDs at Lightfair, almost ten years ago, and I was convinced they would remain a niche product. Those early LEDs were so awful, so harsh, I just couldn't see them used for general illumination. How wrong I was.

The lighting world really gets LEDs now and what can be done within a single luminaire is impressive. The tunability of white LEDs, which can now go from very warm to supernova cool at the push of a button or in concert with daylight sensors, is an off-the-shelf solution now. The Building IoT capabilities of LED luminaires can range from on-board Bluetooth used in asset tracking, to visible light communications, to supporting just about any sensor you could think of.

Facility managers focus on the amazing energy savings possible with LEDs. Every year, more lumens per watt are possible. But it's about so much more than cheap light. LEDs open a wide range of possibilities in commercial facilities. This Building Operating Management article discusses four ways facility managers can benefit from LEDs beyond energy efficiency.

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