The Pursuit of Happiness in the Workplace

The office is dead; long live the office.

With the state of current technology, it is the rare employee who absolutely must report to an office in order to get his or her work done. Company policy may prefer they work from an office, but the demands of the work itself can be met with a laptop and WiFi, perhaps even a smartphone. This has lead to a shift in how the leading edge of corporate real estate thinks of its office space.

In this article, which I wrote for the April issue of Building Operating Management, I was able to speak with some of the leading firms in the industry to understand what they are working to achieve in their office space. One of my favorite quotes was from Nina Charnotskaia, senior associate in the workplace strategy group with CBRE.“That’s what we’re looking for, that level of happiness, and engagement, and satisfaction amongst employees."

It turns out happy, engaged, satisfied employees enjoy coming to the office. And they are productive as all get out.

What I also was intrigued by is happiness in the workplace is not necessarily directly correlated to the number of foosball tables. It has to do with a more subtle understanding of what employees need to get their lives done, including work, and how the workplace can support that. You can check out the article here.

Let me know what you think. Workplace dynamics and how the built environment affects its occupants is one of my fascinations. If there's anything you'd like me to dig into, I'd love to hear about it.

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