Developing In-house FM Talent

Many large facility departments are facing a wave of retirements as Baby Boomers leave the workforce. At the other end of the spectrum, finding new facility talent is challenging. One solution is succession planning. A succession plan prepares staff at all levels for the next level of responsibilities. An effective staffing plan nurtures young facility professionals while grooming the next generation of department leaders. Click here to read about six strategies FMs can use to develop their own road map for developing talent.

3 Replies

  • Ed,

    While I have only skimmed this article, I just wanted to say that it is a fantastic metric and full of outstanding information. Keep up the great work!

    Craig Borkman
  • In reply to Craig Borkman:

    Thanks, Craig. Does your organization have a staff development program, either in place or in the works?
  • In reply to Ed Sullivan:

    Yes and no...while we are very aware of the numbers of baby-boomers retiring and those set to retire soon, there are additional factors such as trying to find a talent pool interested in wanting to work in the trades via the public verse private sector. Ideally, Human Resources will most likely need to hear this information on multiple forefronts less out sourcing rear its head as an option? Ultimately, we/I continue to monitor efforts made by others in an attempt to stay on the forefront.

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